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Every client gets a free 15-minute phone consultation with one of our Associate Counsellors to ensure the right fit.

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Services may be covered by your extended healthcare benefits (under Registered Psychologist or Psychological Services) through our supervision with Dalton Associates and Dr. Joti Samra.


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Counselling is a professional relationship when you and counsellor set aside time on a regular basis to explore difficulties which may be causing you stress or emotional feelings. Counselling may allow you to see things more clearly, possibly from a different view-point.


Research has shown that psychotherapy increases happiness, overall fulfillment, motivation, and decreases stress, anxiety, and depression. Psychotherapy is effective for treating mental health, emotional, and some psychological disorders.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Our partnership with LMI Canada Inc., allows us to improve the leadership of your organization by developing your people and by crystallizing their thinking, and developing a goal plan for their business and personal achievement. The coaching process supports concerted action to apply the ideas and tools to achieve higher motivation, engagement and greater self-confidence. Improvements come quickly with results that can be measured and sustained.

Corporate Workshops / Lunch 'N Learns

Workshops have long been an employee and management development method used by individuals to increase awareness and provide employees with some development opportunities.

Trainings are designed and written by our professionals—specialists in personal development—to assure that you receive focused and effective training. These topics are intended to be a brief overview of a subject, providing basic tips and suggestions related to personal behavioural situations and changes.


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Often we wait till things in our life feel really overwhelming or that things are unmanageable. Use therapy as a life and relationship tune-up. Based on presenting issues, many of our clients make the investment to come to therapy regularly, either weekly or bi-weekly.

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